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Intuitive Oracle Card Readings 

with Kristen April

Waxing Crescent Wisdom by Kristen April


Services Offered

Card readings are done through Skype or email. Payment is required in advance through PayPal.

When you book your appointment you will receive a PayPal invoice. 

Skype readings are offered in 30, 45, and 60 minute sessions.

30 minutes $ 30

45 minutes $ 45

60 minutes $ 55

Email Readings:

1 Card Reading $ 11

2 Card Reading $ 22

3 Card Reading $ 33

About Kristen

Empath. Intuitive. Creative. Sensitive.

Kristen  April completed her training through Wise Oracle Academy by Jen Blumenthal and Seduction of Soul. She offers intuitive card readings to provide guidance for personal development and breaking through blockages.

Benefits of Oracle Card Readings

Oracle Cards are a tool to tap into the wisdom of our intuition.  We often ignore our intuition because is whispers to us instead of appearing before us as red blinking light.  Our modern society is loud and boisterous, but our intuition is subtle. 

We can use cards for guidance in a specific area of our lives or just ask the cards for general guidance.

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